Coupons & Discounts

Join the Qclub on Quiznos.com to receive printable coupons via email. While signing up you also have the option to receive special deal via text message if you give them your cell phone number.

Local newspapers and ads often print coupons for Quiznos, if you live near one. Since each store is individually owned and not all except coupons. You may want to call ahead to check to find out if your Quiznos does.

The 2017 Entertainment Coupon Book features coupons for Quiznos at some locations.

The 2017 Save Around coupon book features coupons for Quiznos at some locations.

The Quiznos website announces deals, discounts and coupons. Check often to see what the current specials are.

Quiznos is on Facebook and Twitter announce specials on social media. Coupons may also be available from time to time.

At Times, Quiznos offers special deals such as the 5 dollar Subs deal.  

Some locations offer a Military discount.

Quiznos offers a AAA discount at some locations.

Quiznos coupons, discounts, specials and deals are usually for a limited time and usually has an expiration date.


About Quiznos Restaurants

Headquarters:  1001 17th St. Suite 200,  Denver, CO  80202

Phone Number:  1-720-359-3300

Website:  www.quiznos.com/

Over 1,800 worldwide

About Quiznos Restaurants

The first Quiznos opened in 1981 in Denver and in 1993 it was named a “Hot Prospect” by Restaurants and Institutions which help Quiznos expand nationally. Quiznos is a toasted sub shop that offers dine in and take our services.

Every sub is made to order right in front of you, and then put trough the toaster to help bring out the flavor. Quiznos strives to use only high-quality ingredients, this includes all-natural cheeses, butcher-quality meats, and toasted artisan bread. 

Quiznos offers ways for their customers to eat healthy at their restaurants and offers meals that will suitalmost any diet. They also offer several subs for under 500 calories.


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