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The best way to save at Panera is to get one of their free MyPanera rewards cards. All you do is ask for one of their MyPanera cards, register it, and then every time you purchase something at Panera Bread have the cashier scan it. The more you use it, the more rewards you’ll build up. Soon you will earn surprises and discounts. You also get something free on your birthday and some holidays.

The 2017 Save Around coupon book features coupons for Panera Bread at some locations.

Coupon sites such as occasionally have promo codes, deals and discounts for Panera Bread.

Following them on facebook will alert you right away to any new deals.

If you have a smaller appetite, you could always share a meal with someone else. That is what we do!

Some Panera Breads offer a military discount. It can vary. Some as much as a 65% discount for those you come in a military uniform and 10% for those out of a uniform.

Most locations offer a Senior discount of at least 10%

Panera Bread will often have in-store deals such as when you buy a sandwich and drink, you receive a bakery item for 99 cents.

Panera Bread coupons, discounts, deals and specials are often for a limited time and have an expiration date.

About Panera Bread Restaurants

Headquarters:  3630 S Geyer Rd #100
                          St Louis, MO 63127

Phone:  1-314-984-1000


Over 1,500 restaurants in the United States.

Panera is a casual dining café and bakery located in the United States and Canada.  Panera Bread got its start in 1881 under the name St. Louis Bread Company in Sunset Hills, Missouri and has since grew to over 1500 stores across 40 states.  

At Panera Bread, you will find fresh food items mostly made while you watch and to your specifications. Food items include soups, salads, sandwiches, bagels, bakery choices and even pasta at some locations. They are also known for their coffee, lemonade, tea and smoothies.

The restaurant chain offers antibiotic-free chicken and turkey on many of their menu items. Some of the restaurants also offer a limited amount of organic items.

Panera Bread is concerned about their customers’ nutrition and were the first company to ever willingly post their calorie information for their visitors to see. You can see detailed information of all their meals on their official website, as well as input your favorite Panera Bread meal into a nutrition calculator.

Panera Bread is also concerned about the growing epidemic of hunger in the United States.  Because of this every night after close all stores donate all the non-purchased food to local shelters.  They also opened several special Panera Breads under the name Panera Cares Community Cafes. At these restaurants, there are no prices, only donation suggestions, this way everyone can eat regardless of their means. Guests are encouraged to leave the suggested donation price or more if they can, to help cover someone else who was not able to give anything that day.  


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