September 9, 2018 -Grandparent's Day - Grandparents can ride the train for FREE.

June 18, July 16, August 20, and September 17, 2018 - Senior Days. Seniors 65 and over receive FREE Oakland Zoo admission. 

Seniors over 76 years of age are FREE.  Seniors from 65-75 can receive an Oakland Zoo discount.

A military Oakland Zoo discount that is given to military families with a current ID. This will save you $3 - $5 a ticket. 

Groups of 12 or more can receive discount Oakland Zoo tickets. Reservations are not required for this Oakland Zoo deal, but you will get a larger discount with a reservation than you will without on.

 visitors to oakland zoo in california can see sun bears.

visitors to oakland zoo in california can see sun bears.

In the past, Oakland Zoo discounts can be found on Groupon. Check them out here.

A membership offers FREE admission into the Oakland Zoo, FREE parking at the Oakland Zoo, FREE guest passes for 2 adults and 2 children and more.

Oakland Zoo coupons, discounts, deals and specials are usually for a limited time and may have an expiration date.

Oakland Zoo Information

Address:  9777 Golf Links Road, Oakland, California 94605

Phone:  1-510-632-9525.  


Animals: Over 660        

Size:  100 acres

About Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo is set up in biomes or geographically defined and natural areas. Each region is home to the animals within it. Some of the biomes include African Savannah, African Velot and Tropical Rain Forest. In addition, the California zoo has a Children’s Zoo with such animals as American Alligator, River Otter, a Goat and Sheep Barn, Bat, Lemur, and a Reptile and Bug House.

This Children’s Zoo area includes areas for the kids to explore like Lily Pad Hop, Bug Climbers and Giant Orb Weaver Spider Web. Ancient fossil displays are seen in this area with a featured one being the Super Croc. This zoo also has animal feedings and a ride area with rides such as a Sky ride, train ride and carousel.

Oakland Zoo Details

Hours for the Oakland Zoo vary by season.  From the end of May to the beginning of September, the hours are Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.  On Saturday, Sunday and holidays, hours are from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

Regular admission prices are Adults $22, Children from 2-14 and Seniors $18 and Children under 2 are FREE. Adults over 76 years of age are FREE.

Parking is $10 per car and $15 for buses.

Picnic lunches can be taken into the park. Picnic tables are available for use on the lower level inside the Main Gate.


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