2018 - The Entertainment book and website features buy one get one FREE child's admission to Micke Grove Zoo. If you don't have a book or a mobile app, you can get one here.

If you planning to visit Micke Grove Park or Zoo often, you can purchase pre-paid vehicle passes in blocks of 25 or more. This will give you a one-dollar discount on parking per visit on weekends.

Visitors to Micke Grove Zoo can see mountain lion.

Visitors to Micke Grove Zoo can see mountain lion.

Groupon sometimes has Micke Grove Zoo coupon codes for memberships.

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The zoo has both a Facebook and Twitter page on which they announce Micke Grove Zoo deals.

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A membership to the Micke Grove Zoo offers FREE entrance into the zoo, FREE or reduced admission to other zoos and aquariums in the United States including up to 12 other California zoos, discounts at the gift shop, education programs, field trips and lectures and invitations to members-only events.

Micke Grove Zoo coupons, discounts, deals and specials are usually for a limited time and have an expiration date.

Micke Grove Zoo Information

Address:  11793 North Micke Grove Road, Lodi, California 95240

Phone:  1-209-953-8840

Website:  www.mgzoo.com

Animals:  over 130      

Size:  5 acres

About Micke Grove Zoo

The Micke Grove Zoological Society is part of Micke Grove Park and part of the San Joaquin County Parks and Recreation department in California. This Micke Grove Zoo has over 130 animals from over 50 different species. You will see animals from all over the world including many exotic animals. In addition, you can see a number of native Californian animals such as the mountain lion and golden eagle.

Some of the animals you can expect to see at this California zoo are the Madagascar reed frog, smew, bamboo partridge, lemur, golden lion tamarin, black-handed spider monkey, puma, snow leopard, red-eared slider, Madagascar giant day gecko and much more.

Micke Grove Zoo Details

The Micke Grove Zoo is open every day of the year with the exception of Christmas.

Zoo hours are: 9am to 5pm.

Micke Grove Zoo prices are: Adults $5, Youth (3-17) $3, Children under 3 are FREE.

Parking is $5 per vehicle if under 22 feet long.  Parking price includes the use of Micke Grove Park.  

Picnicking areas with grills are available in Micke Grove Park.

Micke Grove Park also offers a FREE Japanese Garden and picnic areas with grills.  Fun Town offers rides for $1.75 each with a ticket purchased on the grounds.  The San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum is also located in the park. Admission prices are $2-$5.


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