Coupons & Discounts

Chipotle has special promos at certain times throughout the year, you can usually find out if there is any going on by checking on their official website.

The restaurant sometimes has Chipotle coupons in fliers or ads in local papers.

You can sign up on their website to receive emails about the latest events and Chipotle deals.

Chipotle’s located on or around collage campuses often have special discounts, coupons and promotions for students and university authorities. Sometimes they even give out free tacos or sides such as chips. In some locations, others may be able to get these coupons by asking their local college.

They sometimes have gift card specials. For example, they have had buy a gift card of a certain amount and get a FREE burrito.

Chipotle burritos are huge and can often be shared to save money. Or you can take home some of it for a second dinner.

Some locations offer Military and Senior discounts, check with your local Chipotle to see if they offer any discounts

Chipotle coupons, discounts, deals and specials for a limited time and have an expiration date.

About Chipotle Restaurants

Headquarters: 1401 Wynkoop St Suite 500, Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone: 1-303-595-4000


Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast food, dine-in or take-out, Mexican restaurant that has a fun atmosphere and healthy food. It serves tacos, burrito bowls, and huge burritos. Chipotle restaurants are found in the United States.

Chipotle first opened in 1993, and have since been committed to making and keeping their restaurant a uniquely healthy one. One hundred percent of their chicken and pork is naturally raised. If they are unable, for some reason, to have naturally raised meat, they will have a sign at the start of the line.

Although over 85% of their beef is naturally raised, their website states, “We're still working on it, and we won't rest until 100% of our beef is naturally raised.”  

Since 2004, they’ve been using zero trans fat frying oil. Forty percent of their beans are organic. Their milk and sour cream is rBGH free.

In each Chipotle restaurant, you order what you want and then pick the ingredients that you would like on it. The kitchen is open to the entire restaurant so you can watch them cook the meals. In addition to the tacos, burrito bowls and burritos, this restaurant serves chips and salsa and salads. Many Chipotle restaurants also serve beer. 


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