Burger King
Coupons & Discounts

Check local flyers and coupon packs, as these often
offer Burger King Coupons.

Burger King coupons are nearly always available on the Burger King App. 

The Entertainment Book features 2017 coupons in many areas. If you don't have an Entertainment Coupon book or the mobile app, you can get one here.

This restaurant often has specials on either meals or food items.

Most Burger Kings offer a senior discount.  

Some local Burger Kings offer AARP, Military and student discounts as well. Check with your local Burger King to see what they offer.

When Burger King comes out with a new item, they sometimes offer it for free or at a steep discount for a day or so. Be on the lookout for any new items on their menu.

Through the summer, Burger King often offers select drinks such as their ICEEs for a steep discount. Ice Cream cones are sometimes also deeply discounted.

Burger King coupons, discounts, deals and specials for a limited time and have an expiration date.


About Burger King Restaurants

Headquarters: Quality Dining, Inc., Attn: BURGER KING 4220 Edison Lakes Parkway, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Phone: 1-574- 271-4600

Website:  www.bk.com

Over 11,000 stores worldwide

Burger King is a fast food, dine-in and drive-thru restaurant. Burger King got its start in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953. It has since grown to become an international company, with over 11,000 locations worldwide.  It is owned by Quality Dining, Incorporated.  

In 1957 they began serving their signature burger that it is now known for, the Whopper.  Now they serve double and triple whoppers, as well as a Whopper Junior and a spicy version called the Angry Whopper.  

In addition, they serve regular cheeseburgers, hamburgers and bacon cheeseburger as well has a veggie burger for vegetarians. Burger King also serves a few different kinds of chicken sandwiches such has the tendercrisp sandwich and the Parmesan chicken sandwich. The restaurant chain also offers chicken nuggets and strips as well as the new buffalo chicken strips.  

For guests who are health conscious, Burger King serves a variety of salads and wraps. Sides offered are fries, onion rings, apple slices and their new Satisfries. Burger King also offers plenty of options for dessert like sundaes, milkshakes, Hershey and apple pie, and Cinnabons.  

They also offer several specialty drinks, including several varieties of lattes, ICEEs, iced coffees, frozen lemonades, smoothies, frappe’s, minute maid lemonades and hot chocolate.  

Kids can choose between a cheeseburger, hamburger or chicken nuggets with apple slices or fries, a soft drink or milk and a crown for Kid’s Meals.


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