20 FREE & Cheap Things to do in Youngstown, Ohio!

Tired of shelling out the cash every weekend? Here are some fun, low cost and FREE ways to enjoy your down time!

Look at the stars for FREE at the Ward Beecher Planetarium. They also occasionally have laser light shows for FREE. 

The Boardman Park hosts several Family Night in the Park, Senior Fun Day and Outdoor Family Days throughout the summer into September for FREE. These offers activities such as crafts, hikes, wagon rides and movies. 

Have a day outside.  Hike or drive through Mill Creek Park. The 2,600 acres offers gardens, golf courses, lakes, biking, hiking and waterfalls. FREE.

Smell a flower at the beautiful Fellow Riverside Gardens. FREE. 

Go birdwatchingat Mill Creek Wildlife Sanctuary and Hitchcock Woods.

Trolley rides are also available at Mill Creek Metroparks for the public on special days throughout the year. Costs range from $5-$12.