A New Year, A New Name!

A new year, a new name.  Picking a website name can be a daunting task.  You can go through name after name, rejecting so many of them.  Then when you finally like one, you must see if the name is available.  Now that is the especially hard part!

After much pondering on the issue, I decided a new name was in order.  Formerly known as theanswerz.com, our newly redesigned website is now known as The Know and Go.  You can find it at www.theknowandgo.com.

The Know and Go will still feature all your coupon favorites.  You will see see restaurant coupons, attraction coupons and travel coupons.  In addition, we are working on making travel guides for each state. These will include the top places to visit in each state along with the accompanying coupon page.

Our lovely renovation of the website is nearly done.  We will continue to add new articles and, as the new year has started, updates on all the travel articles are being done.   We will be sharing them as they are updated.

Our goal is to continue to add new articles to help you find those travel deals to save you money.  As always, our articles are filled with real ways to find coupons, discounts, deals and specials for your favorite places.

Please enjoy our beautiful new website!