Feline Conservation Center
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February 24 2018 4:30-6:30 - Member Appreciation Night - Special night for members. Memberships can be bought at the door.

May 27 & 28 2018 - Military Appreciation Days - FREE Feline Conservation Center tickets for active military and their spouse and children with proper ID. Some restrictions may apply.

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 Visitors to exotic feline compound aka the cat house can see leopard.

Visitors to exotic feline compound aka the cat house can see leopard.

If you have a membership to another California zoo such as the Micke Grove Zoo, you may qualify for FREE or discounted admission for this California zoo. You can call ahead or check at the gate for details.

Memberships offer FREE admission for a year, discounts on gift shop purchases and discounted or FREE admission to over 50 facilities throughout the United States.

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Feline Conservation Center Information

Address:  3718 60th Street West, Rosamond, California 93560

Phone:   1-661-256-3793

Website: www.cathouse-fcc.org

Animals:  over 70

About Feline Conservation Center

The Feline Conservation Center, also known as The Cat House, is dedicated to preserving endangered felines. The small but personal California zoo is home to over 70 of these beautiful creatures from 19 different species.

This California zoo is a non-profit breeding zoo and research facility. The Feline Conservation Center has been featured on the documentary TV series Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller and the February 2011 Cat Fancy magazine.  

The Cat House is open to the public and most of the compound is available for guests to stroll around. Visitors are able to get an up-close look at the cats as there are no moats in the exhibits. The species of cats that make this their home are tiger, jaguar, fishing cat, serval, pallas’ cat, caracal, ocelot, bobcat, Canada lynx, Geoffroy’s cat, margay, jaguarundi, jungle cat, cougar, leopard cat, sand cat, clouded leopard, snow leopard and four subspecies of leopards. A nice touch are the peacocks that roam the grounds. 

Feline Conservation Center Details

The Cat House is closed Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Hours for this Rosamond zoo are 10am to 4pm.

Regular admission rates are Adults $7, Seniors $6 (60 and up), Children (12 and under) $5.