Coupons & Discounts

Camping coupon books are available. One of
these is offered by the Connecticut Campground
Owners Association. Although there is a charge
for the book, it offers camping specials such as
FREE nights and weekends at camping sites, FREE
meals, boat rentals, firewood and activities as
well as discounts on rentals, Rvs and parts.

Most campgrounds offer special camping offers on camping sites throughout the year.

Discounted rates are often offered in the fall and winter season. Some state and federal campgrounds are FREE through the winter.

Many of the Kampgrounds of America offer a buy one/get one FREE night over their official start to the camping season. This is usually the second weekend of May.  Other times of the year offer such specials as stay 2 or 3 nights and get 1 FREE.

Many states have FREE campgrounds.  These are usually more primative with no running water and little to no amenities. However, there are some that do have a number of amentiites. There are also many campgrounds that are available for as small a fee as $5 a night. Check out to see what is available in your state.

Some stores such as Walmart and Home Depot offer overnight parking. These can also be seen on


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Camping Supplies Coupons & Discounts

Coupon websites such as, and offers discount coupons and camping deals on supplies.

Camping supplies often go on sale or clearance at sporting goods stores at the end of camping season. Deals and discounts on camping supplies and equipment can often be found then.

Check out the camping supply stores when you are on your trip. I have found some supplies cheaper or on sale at the stores. Some campgrounds with a store have fliers with camping discount coupons.

Large camping stores such as Camping World often have coupons for camping supplies.

The 2016 Entertainment Coupon Book has 19 offers for Camping World. If you don't have a book or mobile app, you can get one here.

Look for camping supplies in retail or drug stores.  I have found some things cheaper at Walmart and even drug stores. There is not always a large selection but if they have something you need it can be cheaper then other stores.

Groupon offers tons of deals on camping supplies. 

Look online at Ebay or Craigslist for people who tried camping and didn’t like it or are selling their items for some other reason. Second hand is almost always cheaper and offers some great online deals.