Museum of Discovery Coupons & Discounts - Little Rock, Arkansas

Museum of Discovery Coupons & Discounts 

Active and retired military personnel with valid ID receive a Museum of Discovery discount. 

Teachers with a valid ID receive a discount.

Little Rock City employees with valid ID receive a discount. 

A museum discount is offered to seniors age 60 and older.

The Museum of Discovery hosts several events

Little Rock Zoo Coupons & Discounts

Little Rock Zoo Coupons & Discounts

A Senior rate is offered to all those 60 years of age and over.

The Savings Sidekick Little Rock Coupon Book can be purchased online at their website and includes Little Rock Zoo coupons for a free child’s ticket with the purchase of an adult.

If you would like to eat at Café Africa in the Little Rock Zoo, Restaurant.comoften offers discounted gift certificates.  Just go to the website and search for Café Africa Little Rock Zoo.

There is an active duty Military discount, with valid ID, that will save you a couple dollars.

How to Save Money in Arkansas

Devil's Den State Park - Arkansas

Devil's Den State Park - Arkansas

Saving money in Arkansas can be incredibly easy.  The state abounds with free things to do whether you are going somewhere for the day or traveling for the week or more.

Arkansas has a large number of free scenic activities.  Some to check out are: Mammoth Spring State Park, Prairie Grove State Park (fee for guided tours), Crowley's Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway, Hot Springs National Park and much more.  Some other activities may have a small fee.  In general, these areas are modestly priced, if there is a fee at all.

Some of the other free activities are Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, window shopping at Eureka Springs, The Walmart Museum and Museum of Arkansas Grand Prairie.

However, you will always run into some activity where you wish you could find an Arkansas coupon or discount.  To help you with this, we have developed the following articles:

Garvan Woodland Gardens
Little Rock Zoo 
Magic Springs Park
Wild Wilderness Drive-Thru Safari

We hope you are able to find some Arkansas coupons and discounts to save you money!

Happy traveling!